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Gatsby Logo
  • Gatsby Logo
  • React
  • Javascript is a tax calculator for France's "impôts sur le revenu". I started this project in 2018. At that time I wanted to calculate the tax that will be due, so I had 2 choices:

  • Use the governement's "simplified" tax simulator that has more than a 100 fields

  • Use other simulators truly simplified but slow and ugly

I said to myself that we could do better than this. And this site was born, deployed quite fast after I got the idea. I gave it up for about 2 years, and once my rebuild of using Gatsby, I thought it was the right time to rebuild it too. Then why not adding another component to the initial idea: a clear explanation, with a "common" language, of the way the "impôts" work.

I plugged Analytics and Search Console, and when I'm writing those lines I have a wonderful 0% CTR with 12 views and an average ranking of 93 😁. Not so surprising actually, 2 days after the release with no communication nor marketing. Once again, this marketing part is lacking seriously. I hope that with the few SEO efforts I've made, the backlink I will do and the word of mouth that website could help some people to (finally) understand the mechanism of that tax.


Ricardo Logo
  • React
  • Typescript
  • NodeJS
  • Kubernetes

I am working for Ricardo since june 2018 as a Senior Fontend Engineer. Ricardo is the most used e-commerce platform in Switzerland, with 3M+ users.

On the technical side, Ricardo has a very sexy stack implying microservices run on GCP via Docker containers, frontend app (almost all) in React / NodeJS. I mainly contributed to the Search flow through the introduction of Product Types and Attributes. I also highly participated to the technical rebuild (Pug → React) of two of the 3 pages with the highest traffic: the Homepage (40% of the incoming traffic) and the Search results page.

I am also part of their on-call team, responsible of a 24/7 support to mitigate downtimes on prod.

Another pride that Ricardo made possible for me was to give web courses to two schools: Simplon and CampusID. Those courses were much appreciated by students, some of them told me that I was the best IT teacher they got so far.

My experience at Ricardo is still ongoing, stay tuned.


VaultFace Logo
  • NodeJS
  • React

Parkour is a french sport managed by the gymnastic federation. It's a sport with an extremely united community and a real sharing spirit. I don't practice that sport, however I met people in that world and discovered this universe. I quickly became fascinated by these young and less young people spirit and decided to do my bit for this community.

With the help of two members from that community, we decided to create to solve the following problem: there is no reference application nor website for Parkour. There are facebook groups, small websites here and there that made a quick solution for a specific problem, but nothing efficient and really used. We decided to start this adventure with the goal of making this application become the "glue" of that community.

The actual website was developed in a few months, early 2019. My biggest regret is that the two persons helping me, who knew well that world progressively got demotivated, leaving a viable application but without real, meaningful content nor communication.

I know I will continue this project one day, still have in my mind the idea to find a motivated, knowledgeable partner who has as much motivation as I do to make this project used by thousands of people one day.


iWE Logo
  • React
  • AngularJS
  • NodeJS

iWe is a french claim management tool. It's used by insurers, insurance brokers, lawyers and every actors in charge of making a claim damages paid.

I worked for iWe after coming back from London, during a bit more than a year. I was a Frontend Engineer among a ~15 persons team.

Their claim management tool uses AngularJS ( 😔) and React ( ❤️). Yes, both live together in the same application. Their application is built on a REST API with a component abstraction described in JSON. This has the advantage for them that they could "create" new applications for new customers by simply creating (huge) sets of JSON files.


Pokewin Logo
  • Javascript
  • Bitbucket Logo

Pokéwin is the first web application I really made public. I mean really communicate about it, create a Facebook page, Twitter account,...). It's also the first mobile web application that I made.

Pokéwin allows Pokemon Go player to win easier Gym fights. Lots of effort have been put on performances. The page size has been optimized up to the Kb in order to provide a faster and more fine grained user experience. Pokéwin being initially built for mobile, on the street (more likely with a 3G or 4G network), I had to focus on a very fast page load. However, it doesn't prevent it to fully work on Desktop, even if well, it's a bit less sexy.

As always in my projects, I wanted a very simple and sleek tool. Pokéwin is translated in 6 languages (+ 2 partially supported), by volonteers to whom I often talk to.

The application has seen over 350k users in 1 year from all over the world. You can access it at


Badoo logo
  • Javascript

I have spent a wonderful year working at Badoo. I worked on their mobile web application and implemented numerous features, among them banners, credit card screen, and also participated to their home made MVC framework used by every screen of the web app.

I have been surrounded by talented people, some of them being at Facebook today (hello Rafa 👋), managed by the best team lead I have met so far (hello Vitaly 👋) and learnt a lot from them.

I have felt what good working process means and definitely know that daily release to prod is possible (and profitable). I have seen how important it is to integrate QA in front of your desk, how crucial code review is, how strong a dedicated team could be

For sure this has been my most educative experience so far.


Lufthansa Logo
  • Gulp
  • Sass
  • Git
  • Javascript

I worked during 2 and half year on Lufthansa New UI as part of a 20 persons team, at Amadeus. I first started with some bugfixing task, during which I have been given the chance to do customer support in Frankfurt for several weeks. Being the interface between the client and the dev teams (frontend, backend, db, platforms,...) was a very challenging and interesting experience.

I was also part of the "Rent a car" release where I could follow a new feature from the beginning until its merge in prod. Starting from February, I was chosen as a technical leader for the Accessibility migration of the webapp. With a team of 4 persons, we made the website litlle by little more accessible (following the W3C principles) and also more maintainable by adding SASS, iconfonts and migrated some features to React.js.

Gathering knowledge for all of those different tasks has brought me as a special point of contact for any newcomers in the team, that I formed during their first weeks of work.

It was very interesting to work among such a big team for one project, within such a big company, with such diverse tasks to perform.

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